How to Stop the Website Bots

In our blog post security series, this week we are going to talk about google reCAPTCHA protection. You may own a business in Grande Prairie, Fort St John or Dawson Creek and have a contact form on one of your business website pages and have been receiving spam through your form. You can stop spam by having this security feature installed on your website. This advanced security is a free service provided by google that protects your site. If you have entered information on a website you have likely experienced solving a challenge or have been asked to check a box indicating that you are not a robot. Google developed a version (v3) that uses adaptive risk analysis without user interaction to differentiate between bots and humans. Google has a great video describing fully, the benefits of reCAPTCHA v3. You can view it here:

Website security is an important aspect of website development and needs to be in place to protect a valuable company asset.

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