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Apply the Most Current Technology

Peace Country Media uses  the most current technology to develop and design visually appealing websites that are responsive and secure.  

Our primary content management system (CMS) technology used is the open source WordPress platform. We develop informational sites, blogs and more complex e-commerce sites.  Our websites are responsive to the various devices used to view them, meaning the content automatically adjusts to the various screen widths such as phone, tablet or desk top monitor

No one wants to have there website hacked  We incorporate the latest website security technology to keep your website safe.

Website Hosting and Domain

Peace Country Media does not host websites; however, we can assist our clients in selecting a reliable website hosting provider. If assistance is needed in acquiring a domain name we can assist with that as well.

Step by Step

Whether  you are looking to set up your first website or currently have a website that needs a redesign we  will lead you through the website development process step by step.

Peace Country Media caters to each clients needs by pricing solutions around the specific services a client requires. Our clients are well informed on pricing terms and conditions. Our design projects come with a costumer satisfaction guarantee. We ensure our clients are satisfied with the final result.

Our Approach Website Design 

 To improve efficiency and minimise costs, we will often use existing templates as a foundation and customise them  to meet our clients needs.



Branding is important in providing a consistent image within your website and all media. We can assist with logo development.

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